The AshCanMCU is a small control module measuring 40mm x 40mm x 13mm that we designed to satisfy a broad range of development challenges. A derivative version is currently being used as a generic automotive body CAN node in the vehicle adaption industry. The AshCanMCU also forms the heart of our MixCan system.

With 18 mixed signal I/O, a bosch CAN core, CAN driver and USB serial port capable of 3MB communications, the device is ideally suited for incorporation into new designs. The pcb pinout is arranged on a 0.1" pitch simplifying its use with prototype boards and other rapid development tools. The module is encapsulated but leaves space under the box for other circuitry. The box edges allow for a sealed system to be implemented.




  • Enhanced 8051 MCU running at up to 48MHz
  • USB serial communications up to 3MB via micro USB connector 
  • CAN 2.0B port
  • 18 I/O pins configurable as digital input, digital output (push-pull or open drain) or analogue input
  • C2 programming interface (a debug adapter is required)
  • Free unlimited Keil toolset including C compiler (requires registration with Silabs)
  • Free Project Manager Software and AES Control Libraries.
  • 40mm x 40mm footprint 
  • 28 pins (2 x 14) on 0.1" pitch
  • Single 5V supply
  • Low power modes
  • 4 layer pcb inc ground plane