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P6251051 In response to a customer enquiry we were tasked with solving an unusual problem on a barbed-wire machine. The machine could not detect breakages in the 2 primary wires before these wires re-knitted themselves together. Many different attempts were made by previous companies using plcs, counters and a wide range of other systems, all of which failed.
 After an initial visit it seemed the sensors that had been fitted were adequate but the processing of the signals required a different approach. We then went back to basics and created an analogue solution which solved the problem. P6251052
P1151064 We have developed many unique modules such as the device on the left, a stand-alone encoder unit that will monitor, pre-scale and condition 3 quadrature shaft encoders. The output in this case was RS232 serial running at 230400bd although CAN, RS485 and Ethernet were optional at the time.