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AC100 Controller

When asked to design and develop an operator friendly control system for a monobloc bridge saw it was decided to follow the bespoke route and build a unique system for the machine, despite a restricted budget. The machine featured a 18KW spindle motor, 3 axis control to 0.2mm, fully automated hydraulic head rotation, angular tilt and safety system.

AES designed the controller around a Microrobotics VM1 control computer and the system was subsequently programmed in the Venom-SC language. I2C bus was used to implement digital I/O channels and the VM1 analogue channels were used for speed controls and other system measurements.

AC100 controllers have been fitted to 9 machines and have proven a popular interface for the operators owing to its unique question/answer programming system. Over the last few years the only failures have been due to physical damage (fork lift truck).



AC2000 Controller

Following the success of the AC100 the AC2000 was developed providing a touchscreen interface and more accessible I/O. This was fitted to several machines before being superceded by our current controller the AC2000R.