In panel

  • 32 bit ARM Cortex M3 72MHz
  • 6" Colour touchscreen
  • Waterproof (front panel)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • USB A host port (for memory devices)
  • Internal SD card 4GB
  • Internal Flash 8MB
  • Internal EEPROM 2K
  • Internal battery-backed SRAM 1MB
  • Ethernet port 10 Base T
  • CAN Port
  • RS232C Port
  • Programming port (RS232C)
  • USB B port (to access internal Flash)
  • RS485 Port
  • Low power modes
  • Filing systems


The AC2000R has been developed to allow complex communications to be established with a machine or process where user interoperability is a requirement. The device has no discrete inputs or outputs of its own but relies upon its communication ports to acquire its IO data. This data can be processed and used in the controllers multi-tasking environment to provide output control. Data can also be stored and sent via various media to other destinations.

The AC2000R has successfully communicated with Turck Banner ethernet gateways, Schneider, ABB and Telemecanique motor drives and various plcs.