Midi Lifter / Midi High Lifter

Midi Lifter/ Midi High Lifter, removal of manhole covers that are stuck


Midi High Lifter in use with a Universal Spreader Bar kit
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Midi-Lifter is a medium duty, cost-effective lifter designed to lift 2-holed covers that are stuck. By use of mechanical advantage, extremely high breakout forces are possible, capable of releasing even the most stubborn of covers.

  • Removeable handle

  • Quick-release wheels

  • Plated finish

Available with a range of standard keys or keys to match the customers exact cover requirements.

The Standard Midi-Lifter is light, easily transported and can be manufactured to fit any width of cover. Recent trials by customers have revealed that many covers have been lifted that could not be removed by other means, due to the high breakout forces achievable.

The Midi High Lifter, based on our standard Midi Lifter, is a versatile medium duty lifter designed to lift 2 and 4 hole covers by a single operator. It's higher lifting capacity and extra width enables it to lift deep block filled covers using only mechanical advantage. When used with the Universal Spreader Bar it is capable of lifting covers up to 1 metre in length. It can be broken down for easy storage and is available with a range of keys to match customer's exact requirements. Safety stops have now been fitted to prevent tip-over.

Weight 18 kg
Width between axle 840mm
Max lift 180mm – Universal spreader bar
Max Lift 200mm – Standard spreader bar
Lifts 2 and 4 hole covers
Wider axles available
Plated finish
Removable wheels
Removable handle
Manufactured in the UK